Best Quality Carpet Cleans Up A Treat

Carpets are incredible.   When you think of the pummelling they get in a normal day – the wear and tear must be phenominal.  Ours has been down since we moved into this house from brand new.  Admittedly it was a developer’s 50oz sales incentive upgrade on the 30oz standard quality, but even so, our honey coloured woolen blend has withstood a right battering for nealy 20 years.  We give it a hefty vacuuming once a week unless visitors are due. . .  Twice a year we are seen on hands and knees or bending over, manually cleaning it with scrubbing brush and a small bowl of carpet cleaning solution.  It’s quite a nice task  if taken in the spirit of bonus exercise . . .  requires strong core muscles and abs.  Light circular motion with brush well shaken out, then leave pile in right direction. . .and good vacuum agian when dry.  Fantasitc job.   So when changing carpets, ensure you buy the best quality for the funds available – they’re really worth it.