Choose Quality For Harder Working Areas

We can always pick out the right colours for a new scheme – currently it would seem that grey is the ‘go to’ shade, and of course all the furnishings and accessories have to tone.   This is very difficult when the colours are muted.  Nothing really matches with one shade that is quite hard on the eye.  I personally don’t like anything grey – it might be force of habit to avoid now from having to wear a lot in a particular job early in my career.

With housing improvement, decor, design etc. the on trend colours are critical.  Getting it decorated is an absolute must and making sure it is neutral helps the eventual tenant to feel comfortable with their furniture choices.  Getting the right flooring will help too – hard working but comfortable is the  name of the game.  The best flooring for busy areas is wood.  Easily cleaned but oozing quality.  Carpet on the stairs though.