From Floorboards To Carpet Heaven & Back

Fashions change in both clothing and the world of furniture and flooring ……   For many years following the second world war there was the standard house decorating scheme of dark brown or bottle green gloss paint around skirting boards and all doors etc.  This seems to be a throw back to the victorian no frills era. The flooring was generally just wooden floor boards, anded to make safe and then laquered.  Over that was laid a variety of rugs.  Sometimes these might be very big and it would take two housewives to drag them outside and get over the washing line to give them the annual beating to ‘thoroughly’ clean.  The carpet sweeper did the rest.  Then came the remarkable change up a gear to fully fitted carpets.  I well remember the first house my parents bought – brand new, we had a different carpet in every room and a muted green moquette style on the landing and stairs.  We hadn’t reached the sophistication of one colour of seam-free fully fitted througouth the house.  Now we are moving back away from all carpet to a mix of wooden flooring – so easy and practical with dogs and messy children in tow!