How To Rework A Room For Next To Nothing

If funds are an issue, one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a room look completely different is to carry out a quick lick & promise decorating session.   Taking a really good look at the the room . . .  survey how it’s laid out now and try to imagine how it if the furiture was rearranged.  Would the book case fit anywhere else without blocking a radiator or the tv for example.  Once an idea has spawned, get the room emptied or pull all the furniture into the middle of it so you can adequately reach all walls and the ceiling to thoroughly brush down and clean.  If you have a few pounds, paint is very reasonably priced at one of the out of town DIY stores.  Painting the walls first, and ceiling if your pocket and ability runs to that. . . .  olloed by the woodwork in gloss or matt silk.  Putting the furniture back in different places will really set your work off.