If Moving House Is Not Possible – Redesign The Current House

There are a crop of houses immediately within my neighbourhood area, we being set in small enclaves of 3 or 4 similar properties, each off a quiet leafy estate road.  When my family moved into our new house at the beginning of this century (!),  everything in it from the tiniest detail seemed to be utterly modern, gorgeous and luxurious.  Friends from our old village and family members almost queued up outside to look round and utter pleasantries.

Now recently with the lack of large affordable family houses coming on to the market, families are wanting to move up the scale but cannot do so.  So rather than fall over each other, the practical solution is to engage interior design studios who will redesign the interiors, msaximising living space, and as in the case of two neighbours, build on more rooms – and of course the double or triple garages are ideal and ripe for conversion.  Call in the experts to achieve your dream.