Knowing What The Latest Colour Palette Should Be

It’s always interesting to be able to go into a local house that you have seen being ‘done up’ over recent months.  There are three houses immediately near me, two of which have changed hands entirely and the new families have undertaken massive refurbishment and decoration work before moving in.  The other house has been owned by the same family for some years but has recently featured prominently as the star house of the week in the online promotions of our largest estate agent in town.  This particular house was fascinating to me for it’s absolute awfulness.

This may sound very mean, but I was staggered at the colour scheme of the entire property which seems to be all greys, black and white.  Every single room has this theme, including the now very large kitchen and the bathrooms.  It all looks very cold and clinical but is contemporary.  I hasn’t helped it sell mind you.