Liven Up Interiors – Rock Those Colour Charts

I was watching daytime tv, waiting for a favourite quiz  .  .  .  and my eye caught the end of a very interesting programme on how interior design and developed and changed in a relatively short period.   Short taken in relation to it now being 2017 and the real importance of house interior design, comfort, looks, prestige etc. has only mattered seriously for less than 200 of these years!

The on trend colour for everything is apparently grey.  In fact one of the rather younger hosts of the show was enthusing wildly and passionately about a collection of corner suite sitting options with matching cushions (and I thought they were so ‘yesterday . . .)  This was amusing to me as the chosen colours looked so drab.  I love colour, I wear lots of bright reds, blues, orange.  I also have pops of colour ringing the changes on my neutral colour scheme.   The starting point is anything but grey!