New Era Of House Design Arrives

Where we live there are hundreds of nice comfortable family sized houses, a development started in the mid 1990s and finally completed in the early 2000s.  Our house was plot 422 so we assumed there were 421 before ours and it looks, without counting, to be a further 50 that made up the last phase.  They are indeed comfortable and very spacious, well as much as could be at the time.  Four or five bedroomed, with one or two ensuites as well as standard bathrooms and a downstairs cloakroom.  The outsides are all taken from any one of only about six designs and that in turn governed the internal layout – so basically all very similar.

These days with the cost of building land rise and the purses of buyers reduced, there has been a move to more economical sized homes, with 3 storey town houses replacing the executive detatched.   The more streamlined scandinavian look has replaced the false gables and twiddly tiling style.