New House Calls For New Interior Design Ideas

In these very busy and challenging business times, there has been a marked iincrease in the number of houses advertising Sold signs around here.  The boom in house sales reflects the market trend nationally and as the houses never seem to show For Sale in the first place, there is no obvious downturn in the numbers of families desperate to upsize.   This is very good for many sectors of industry and local busunesses.  Usually when a house changes hands, there are many activites that take place after the old family moves out before the new one even starts packing.

It would seem that although these houses were built as comfortable executive 4/5 bedroomed detached, and were considered massive and very adequate when we all moved in some years ago, today’s family demands more.  So fleets of interior designers are busily upgrading these houses to suit the new breed of executive family.  And very happy everyone is with the results it would seem!