Liven Up Interiors – Rock Those Colour Charts

I was watching daytime tv, waiting for a favourite quiz  .  .  .  and my eye caught the end of a very interesting programme on how interior design and developed and changed in a relatively short period.   Short taken in relation to it now being 2017 and the real importance of house interior design, comfort, looks, prestige etc. has only mattered seriously for less than 200 of these years!

The on trend colour for everything is apparently grey.  In fact one of the rather younger hosts of the show was enthusing wildly and passionately about a collection of corner suite sitting options with matching cushions (and I thought they were so ‘yesterday . . .)  This was amusing to me as the chosen colours looked so drab.  I love colour, I wear lots of bright reds, blues, orange.  I also have pops of colour ringing the changes on my neutral colour scheme.   The starting point is anything but grey!

Choose Quality For Harder Working Areas

We can always pick out the right colours for a new scheme – currently it would seem that grey is the ‘go to’ shade, and of course all the furnishings and accessories have to tone.   This is very difficult when the colours are muted.  Nothing really matches with one shade that is quite hard on the eye.  I personally don’t like anything grey – it might be force of habit to avoid now from having to wear a lot in a particular job early in my career.

With housing improvement, decor, design etc. the on trend colours are critical.  Getting it decorated is an absolute must and making sure it is neutral helps the eventual tenant to feel comfortable with their furniture choices.  Getting the right flooring will help too – hard working but comfortable is the  name of the game.  The best flooring for busy areas is wood.  Easily cleaned but oozing quality.  Carpet on the stairs though.

Knowing What The Latest Colour Palette Should Be

It’s always interesting to be able to go into a local house that you have seen being ‘done up’ over recent months.  There are three houses immediately near me, two of which have changed hands entirely and the new families have undertaken massive refurbishment and decoration work before moving in.  The other house has been owned by the same family for some years but has recently featured prominently as the star house of the week in the online promotions of our largest estate agent in town.  This particular house was fascinating to me for it’s absolute awfulness.

This may sound very mean, but I was staggered at the colour scheme of the entire property which seems to be all greys, black and white.  Every single room has this theme, including the now very large kitchen and the bathrooms.  It all looks very cold and clinical but is contemporary.  I hasn’t helped it sell mind you.

Keeping Up With Trends In Home Interiors

The beauty about being retired is the time available to sit and watch daytime tv programmes, particularly from the very wide selection from the lifestyle genre.   We are bombarded with them in fact, from the ones dedicated to house auctions – and golly, some of those ar so ghastly, I could never imagine being so desperate to even walk in one, let alone hand over my very hard earned wonga to buy them!  The transformation of most of the places is encouraging, although my heart does sink when the buyers are a father and son. . . . .  I alreay know that the kitchen will have black council washroom block tiles!

A professional house inerior agency will always be able to advice and provide good workmanship if families have property they need to get ready for the renting or sales market.   They will be worth the fee to bring in the highest rent or sales figure.

New Era Of House Design Arrives

Where we live there are hundreds of nice comfortable family sized houses, a development started in the mid 1990s and finally completed in the early 2000s.  Our house was plot 422 so we assumed there were 421 before ours and it looks, without counting, to be a further 50 that made up the last phase.  They are indeed comfortable and very spacious, well as much as could be at the time.  Four or five bedroomed, with one or two ensuites as well as standard bathrooms and a downstairs cloakroom.  The outsides are all taken from any one of only about six designs and that in turn governed the internal layout – so basically all very similar.

These days with the cost of building land rise and the purses of buyers reduced, there has been a move to more economical sized homes, with 3 storey town houses replacing the executive detatched.   The more streamlined scandinavian look has replaced the false gables and twiddly tiling style.

New House Calls For New Interior Design Ideas

In these very busy and challenging business times, there has been a marked iincrease in the number of houses advertising Sold signs around here.  The boom in house sales reflects the market trend nationally and as the houses never seem to show For Sale in the first place, there is no obvious downturn in the numbers of families desperate to upsize.   This is very good for many sectors of industry and local busunesses.  Usually when a house changes hands, there are many activites that take place after the old family moves out before the new one even starts packing.

It would seem that although these houses were built as comfortable executive 4/5 bedroomed detached, and were considered massive and very adequate when we all moved in some years ago, today’s family demands more.  So fleets of interior designers are busily upgrading these houses to suit the new breed of executive family.  And very happy everyone is with the results it would seem!

Improving The Home Enhances The Value

The joy of moving into a brand new house cannot every be over emphasised.   Particularly if the buyers have spent many years working their way up from the shabby little one bedroomed rented flat, to the less shabby but still rented, two bedroomed flat.  Then the first purchase, be it the next flat or even a small house.  With it came the responsibility of home ownership, maintenance and keeping it safe and saleable.

Now when the house has been lived in for some years, perhaps the family has come along, each room getting more full and space becomes a real premium.  It isn’t always easy to sell and buy a bigger house.  There are many factors to consider.  So getting a home interior design studio onboard can really make the difference.  A redisign will greatly enhance the living quality and add substantially to the value of the home – double joy all round.

If Moving House Is Not Possible – Redesign The Current House

There are a crop of houses immediately within my neighbourhood area, we being set in small enclaves of 3 or 4 similar properties, each off a quiet leafy estate road.  When my family moved into our new house at the beginning of this century (!),  everything in it from the tiniest detail seemed to be utterly modern, gorgeous and luxurious.  Friends from our old village and family members almost queued up outside to look round and utter pleasantries.

Now recently with the lack of large affordable family houses coming on to the market, families are wanting to move up the scale but cannot do so.  So rather than fall over each other, the practical solution is to engage interior design studios who will redesign the interiors, msaximising living space, and as in the case of two neighbours, build on more rooms – and of course the double or triple garages are ideal and ripe for conversion.  Call in the experts to achieve your dream.

The Autumn Brings Forth Warm Thoughts Of Interior Design Updates

On a scale of 1-10, the thought of having to update our house interiors on a regular basis is probably sitting uncomfortably around number 9.  There is a daunting aspect to the idea of having to check all the gutters, downpipes, fascias and soffits.  Inside the home, perhaps that kitchen could do with a facelift and the bathroom, usually full of toiletries, towels strewn assunder – maybe a new suite with lowline cabinets could fill the specification for modern, tidy and organised mornings!

Getting inspiration from magazines is always a good starter.  There are many available in the stores at the moment.  They seem to cannily know when families are flagging, after the holidays are over and the New Year period is about to hit.    Engaging a professional interior design company can bring about these transformations speedily and with many advantages of expertise and knowledge of the market.  The fee is outweighed by less stress and aggrevation.

Updating Your Property Iterior Definitely Calls For Expert Input

There are hundreds of types of home improvement – from the basic lick of paint and change of bathroom suite right through to the total renovation of the home bringing it up to date and by adding additonal rooms to it.

Take comfort for example – you need to modify the system of ventilating and the facilities of air conditioning. You also need to include several comfort-giving and luxurious items in your house, like the facility of hot tub spa. The capability of electrical systems must be incremented. Making the bedrooms soundproof and the basement of the house must be made waterproof.

How about the safety issue – this covers the updating and rewiring of the electrici wiring, maybe running new cables into conduits and replacing all the old 2 pin sockets.  Safety can include plumbing too.  Safey consideraiton also incorporate protection against fire.  There must be a fire exit and an alarm that can be rung during an emergency. There should be security doors and windows as well.

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