Taking A Different Family Perspective

We have been forced to stay home and not venture any further than a brief walk outside for exercise, or one person at a time to do the whole family shop . . . .  So there has been rather a lot of families thrust together for a very long time instead of the usual weekend or two week summer holiday.   When tempers fray and everybody gets cabin fever, the best thing is to get the tv on and for some lifestyle programmes – watching old editions of the escaping the rat run out to the country.   Now these will make families look to themselves and see just how well they would be able to adapt to a smaller shell of a place.  How could they cope with old wooden flooring, even parquet.  Or not being able to get their huge furniture in a smaller place.    It’s always funny to watch the couple introduced as ‘downsizing’  but when faced with a minute little scullery sized kitchenette and a lounge the size of their existing larder, the gormless looks are prize winning!  It’s great fun to play the same game amongst yourselves in front of the tv.