The Joy Of Decent Cushion Floor & Carpets

Ahh the days of flat sharing .  . . One of the things we found most annoying in those far off days was having to share facilities.  Yuk, sharing kitchen, fridges, bathrooms etc. with other folk who are not family or newly acquired husbands or partners can be seriously grim.   There were so many arguments over who’d nicked this or that from the fridge.  Often the sneaky so & so’s would be in a hurry to binge without being caught but in their haste, managed to drop stuff on the floor.  the big give away. Sticky blobs on the cheap lino.  It was such joy to move into my own home – I made sure I had proper flooring put in that could be easily cleaned.  I couldn’t afford much but did have nice carpets in the sitting room, stairs and bedroom.  The rest had attractive and surprisingly warm cushion flooring which was a very good quality man made totally washable and safe lino, but much nicer.