Listed Status Causing Decorating Nightmare

The area where I live is littered with historic heritage properties as we’re situated slap bang in the middle of ‘civil war land’.  That doesn’t mean we’re all at each others’ throats.  No, just most of our ancestors may have been in days of yore.   Some of the major battles of the English civil war were fought in and around this county, tearing family loyalties apart.  As a consequence, those that had fought & stayed alive, finding themselves on the ‘winning’ side were often rewarded with houses and pocessions plundered from the unfortunates who did not.   Almost all of these great houses are listed so the interior decorating, furniture, flooring and even the wall and door painting has to be carried out in sympathetic and regulation fashion.  Experts are called in to issue guidance and not much can be done without permission.  Unlike the builk standard family home.  So much more freedom!